The role of a Facilitator

Freedom Session was written by a pastor and birthed in a church that believed in empowering lay people to minister freedom and healing in Jesus’ name. It was important to create a program, a journey in community that digs deep and yet protects church staff / volunteers from getting in over their heads. Freedom Session has proven this is possible.

The key role we needed to develop was the FS Host or Facilitator. This person needs to be a committed Christian, not a counselor.

in 2022, we updated the FS teaching videos and created new Mid-week Mentor segments to make Hosting / Facilitating a FS small group easier and ensure a quality experience for participants. 

Qualities we look for in a FS Small Group Host or Facilitator are authenticity, reliability and a deep love for those in their group. The most successful Freedom Session ministries are those where Hosts/Facilitators are active participants in the Freedom Journey, even if they have taken the course before.

The FS Small Group Host/Facilitator models by example and encourages small group members to work through the FS journey as it is presented. Additional roles include creating a welcome and secure environment, providing adequate projection/audio for the FS teaching, a snack and a sense of community. 

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, we help start more FS Small Groups and Triads than ever before and are inviting you to Join the Movement by hosting one in your home or church.

Small Group Host/Facilitators Training

We offer FREE Small Group Host training webinars throughout the year, led by one of our veteran FS team members. Every week, FS Small groups comprised of 3 – 12 people launch in someone home, church or online.  You can do this.  We are here to train and support you.  Follow the link and scroll down to register.


The FS (Church) Ministry Resource Kit:  This valuable tool is designed for churches and those running multiple FS small groups (concurrent or consecutive).  The kit includes a seven episode training seminar (with reproducible manual).  Recorded in a live setting, Freedom Session author, Ken Dyck, trains you and/or your team as if he were training his own.

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The FS (Church) Ministry Resource Kit also contains a Leadership Tool Kit, one hour consultation with one of our National Directors and downloadable or “owned” copies of the Freedom Session FOUNDATIONS and Authentic Living teaching in high resolution HD video.